Located 1 hour north of Sydney in the foot hills of the Watagan Mountains in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia.

Julian and Anni Hele bought their first Haflingers in 1979. The mares were two of the original imports to Australia, and we still have descendants of those bloodlines today. A year or two later we bought a young stallion Nandewar, (son of the original stallion Narrogal) and he was used for breeding for some years.

Arkley Aqua
A multiple show winner and dressage champion at Elementary Level.

Sire: Alpine (UK) and
Dam: Arkley Matilda

In 1987 we realised the need for new bloodlines so we imported a colt from Ebbs in Austria, named Wintersun (full brother to the famous stallion Winterstein) and he was bred extensively until he died in 2006. Wintersun’s influence on his progeny has made a great improvement to the breed here.

Later, in 1994 and 1999 we imported frozen semen from Europe which has further modernised the quality of horses. In 2006, we imported two top mares from Austria, in foal to very good Austrian stallions. One of the mares has given us a colt foal, “Alpha” and the other has had a beautiful colt “Nobel” (Son of Nordtirol).

These new bloodlines will go a long way to improving the quality of Haflingers in Australia to the standard of the World Haflinger Federation modern haflinger type, being taller and with a longer length of rein, while retaining all the essential haflinger characteristics.

McMartinez (Imp) BA 345 - Sire: Wegbereiter Liz 203/T Dam: Mercedes L 15153/T, Arkley Nobel (Imp) BA350 at 3 days of age - Sire: Nordtirol Liz 181/T Dam: McMartinez (Imp) BA345

Arkley Aussie
Arkley Lamour


Arkley Aqua BA 204
Height: 144cms
Sire: Alpine (UK), Dam: Arkley Matilda

Arkley Nobel BA 350
Height: 149cms
Sire: Nordtirol, Dam: McMartinez

The Haflinger horse originates from the town of Hafling in the South Tyrol mountains. Dating from Roman times, this breed has worked side by side with man in the high altitudes of the Austrian Alps. This close association with people is a great characteristic of the Haflinger breed, and contributes to the calmness and the inbred affection for their owners, they are highly intelligent and very versatile, they excel at dressage, jumping, eventing, carriage driving, vaulting or just plain having 'fun in the bush'. This is the real joy of the Haflinger today.

Haflingers are spread through most of the countries of the world today and in each country there is an association of dedicated breeders, affiliated with the World Haflinger Federation.


Wintersun (Imp)
Eventing and winning all over New South Wales

Arkley Marlena
A gentle mare that loves children


In Australia, our horses are mainly located in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, with increasing numbers in all other states. The first seven horses were imported in 1974, by the Dalgety Land Company and numbers have grown considerably, as has interest by people wanting a quiet, good looking 'all round' horse!


Arkley Windsor
and Wizard


Arkley Haflinger Stud is a member of the Australian Haflinger Horse Breeders Association. This Association controls the standards and registration of the breed nationally. The Association is a full financial member of the World Haflinger Federation.

For further information for breeding or stock for sale please contact:

Julian and Anni Hele
4 Emily Road, Mount Vincent
NSW 2323 Australia

Phone: (02) 4938 0333
Fax: (02) 4938 0512





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